Hello World!

We're starting a blog for MHacks. This isn't about promoting MHacks, but #hackathonseason as a whole, and telling the stories and journeys of those who had a defining moment-- where something in their life changes as a result of a hackathon. 

We're incredibly excited to tell these stories, because these are our stories too. As hackathon organizers, we work hard to create amazing hacker experiences because we know that we have an opportunity to touch so many lives, and help people realize their own potential. 

MHacks is launching next week, but theres no reason that the conversation can't start right now. Through this blog, we want to hear from hackathon organizers, hackers, sponsors, and you.

If you're interested in writing for the MHacks Blog, contact us at mhacksblog@umich.edu or on Facebook.  Because this isn't just about MHacks-- this is about spreading the idea of hackathons and action-based education to everyone. We value diversity, new hackers, and creating the best experiences for hackers to catalyze the next great ideas into the next great realities. That's not hyperbole.  Hackathons are for everyone and might be the single greatest educational revolution since the Internet.  

Comment on our blog, write about your first hackathon--we're all writing history together.